My opinion of politicians

So if you’ve read this blog you understand there are Representatives and Senators on the state level that I like, and more that I’m not such a fan of them.

In fact I’ve written about a number of them. Had a nice little correspondence with Rep. Doreen Costa some time ago. I like her to Michele Bachman because Costa too has the crazy eyes thing going on. Then there’s Rep. Spencer Dickinson I think I mentioned him in a post one time, or perhaps an email and he called me. Nice! 

And I know I rattle their cages on occasion. I can tell by the blog stats and the visitor logs.

I’ve always been a little rough on political idiocy. But then I realized something, a good half or more of our elected representatives shouldn’t even be sitting in the chairs in the legislative chambers.

Really – there are some true idiots that get elected.

And then being one who knows how to dig up data, I noted that in the recent Marriage Equality vote in the RI House of Representatives, a fair number of them and myself share an Alma Mater in LaSalle Academy. I’m a member of the Class of 1982. Yeah, I’m an old mother fucker. But like for example Rep. Ramond Hull who graduated in 1981 we all went to that school.

So I have to ask, how is it I came out as I did and they came out as they did as morons, idiots, and bigots?

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