T-Shirts that get noticed

I have a vast collection of t-shirts with various graphics and sayings on them. There are three though that tend to catch a lot of attention.

The first gets the most attention. It’s a red t-shirt with the alphabet, numbers and symbols spelled out using game controller images. That gets the most recognition.

The other is my black hole t-shirt. It’s got anthropomorphic planets, stars etc. being sucked into a slightly evil looking black hole.

And the last is my t-shirt in the former of a Monopoly Chance card – regarding the billions given to Too Big to Fail banks.

Haven’t worn my “My other ride is____” shirt that much yet. It’s got all the various vehicles in Sci-Fi on it.

3 thoughts on “T-Shirts that get noticed

  1. Sadly no pix. They’re limited run and no longer on the web. However I have worn the My Other Ride t-shirt. And my Colossus: The Forbin Project t-shirt that says “Obey and Live” on it with the big Colossus symbol on it. Hey – good 70’s movie about AI run amok.

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