Month: February 2013

Six years on WordPress

Today marks six years I’ve been on WordPress. So February 12, 2007 I made the jump here. I started out with Blogger in 2005 so that means I’ve been writing on and off for a little over eight years now. How the time flies.

An addendum on the Great Blizzard of 2013

One thing that worked consistently throughout the ordeal was my Yaesu VX-7rb handheld transceiver. In fact I have it on right now, tuned to the N1JBC network on 449.225MHz based in North Providence, RI. I get a full scale (S9) signal from that repeater so it’s one of my hangouts.

Plus it’s accessible via Echolink. But I like using the radio more so than the Echolink app if only because the Echolink app gets interrupted by voice calls on the phone, text notifications, etc.

And the phone battery wasn’t quite up to the storm. I had to cut the phone off frequently. But I knew the battery pack on my radio was good for 6 hours of transmit so receive only went for quite a while.


The aftermath of the storm

So stayed with friends who had power and heat. The power and heat had to have come on yesterday because the fridge is cold, the house is warm, and I’m back in the place again.

So we survived. 3 days without power wasn’t cute though.

The Great Blizzard of 2013

So as you might be aware, we had ourselves a little blizzard here in the northeast. 2 to 3 feet of snow, 50 and 60 MPH winds, power outages, heating outages.

For example, our power ceased functioning at 7PM on Friday. We spent most of Saturday in a cold house but then our friends power came on so we’re staying with them.

And here we are three days out and no electric power. This means I’m going to rip National Grid a new one.

For example here’s something to ponder. I know Verizon’s copper and fiber are up and running, so too Cox’s coax network. So explain to me how National Grid’s service is SO fragile yet the other services are up and running.

And then you have the nitwits saying it’d cost $400 Billion to bury all the wire in the U.S. So do it! Leave Verizon and Cox on the pole and bury every last bit of the electrical infrastructure. I mean, what’s on the poles now is over a hundred year old technology. It’s time we modernize.

Highways are all clear down to pavement and they’re still touching up here and there on I-95. Local roads are atrocious for example one street near where I live still has two foot deep snow on it, the street I live on has just a narrow little band plowed on it. It needs to be fixed – my city Councilor Bryan Principe is being proactive – there are bucket loaders and plows going around the area now cleaning up.

And BTW, I I get just a little money I have a mission in life¬† – to break National Grid into a million little pieces. And while I’m at it, I want to put shots across the bow of Verizon and Cox too. It’s good to have a mission.

A New Series I’m Digging on Netflix

A new series is on Netflix, produced by them of course. There’s been press about it but it finally popped up on their splash page and I decided to take a look.

The series is “House of Cards” the story of majority whip Congressman Frank Underwood, his wife Carie, a reporter named Zoe Barnes, and the way in which political intrigue unfolds.

I compare the series to the “The Wire”. Like the former it looks at the unseemly underbelly of the beast.