Ok, I love Spotify

So I’d tried to download it before and the downloaded file was corrupted. But I recently tried again and I got it to work on my machine.

I love that it draws in my iTunes library, that I can listen to tracks without spending coin, and even add some into my library. Fun! I wonder how long before the recording industry is going to try and shut it down.

One thought on “Ok, I love Spotify

  1. The labels appear to like Spotify but artists, not so much.

    The company pays out royalties of over $200 million per year, but after labels pay their own costs and divide up the loot among tens of thousands of artists, individual artists receive virtually nothing.

    Sooner or later, Spotify will have to do a better job of monetizing the free subscribers and raising the cost of premium subscriptions. Labels will have to reduce their administrative costs. Like newspaper reporters and bloggers, musicians can’t afford to give away their music indefinitely.

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