What is Rhode Islanders United for Marriage doing?

So I get email updates from them. Always good to know what they’re up to.

At this point in the game they’re doing everything you’d do if you were running for office including phone banking and canvassing.

But I’m going to make the point that it’s all for naught. That they’re doing it WRONG. At this juncture we already had 72% of the membership of the house vote in the affirmative for marriage equality.

But we have a reluctant and I would say openly hostile Senate. It’s mostly the key membership blocking this, perhaps a half dozen people.

They’ve grown deaf to the calls, emails etc. from their constituents regarding this issue. No amount of close personal contact is going to change it.

Instead we need to now move into a activist phase. Picket the places of business of those Senators, picket their homes if necessary. Let them know we’re going to hold their feet to the fire. Then you’ll get marriage equality in Rhode Island.

But alas, I suspect the way we’ll get it is via the Prop 8 case. We’re one of the eight states

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