So long Vonage

So yesterday I did it. I cancelled the Vonage service I’d had for eight years. Even the rep I talked to was trying everything to retain me as a customer. Nope. I’ve had it with the fees to be honest. Plus the service is redundant.

They try harping on the E-911 fears but RI has upgraded it’s systems so that there’s little to no different between a cell phone and a landline be it copper or VoIP.

Plus I changed my plan with Cox, particularly since the monthly bill for just tv and net shot up to $165! Now I had Advanced TV and 30mbps net service. With the new plan it’ll be about $20 a month cheaper, I get a new cable box with upgraded guide etc., 45mpbs net service and their phone service. Plus a new cable modem because that’s how they haul the phone service in now. Plus it’s got an 8+ hour backup battery on it.

So the Vonage service became really redundant.

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