Saturday Stealing – In the Wee Little Hours

Got it from Rejected Reality. That out of the way here we go.

  1. Crazy Sam’s (the author of this meme) mom and dad still talk about how exciting it was to see Sinatra in Vegas! What music did/do your parents enjoy?
    *  My mother was a Motown fan, my father likes more soul and funk. And my paternal grandfather was a jazz fan. So what do I like – funk, soul, jazz.
  2. We all know Sinatra sang, and he won an Oscar for his acting. But he also painted and was proud to sell a few canvasses anonymously (signed “Artanis”). Do you have a secret talent?
    * Not one that can be discussed in polite company. Let us just say the bigger, the better!
  3. Those close to Sinatra maintained that every time he sang,”In the Wee Small Hours” (video above) he conjured up how it felt to lose his great love. Have you ever had your heart broken?
    * A couple of times but I’m a resilient bastard, onward and upward.
  4. In 1966, when he was 50, Sinatra married 21 year old Mia Farrow. Their union lasted less than two years. Do you think a wide age gap necessarily dooms a romantic relationship?
    * It can work but they have to set the rules first. For me, it’s +/- 10. Anything younger than that and you run into acculturation issues. And for my advanced age I really don’t want to deal with that.
  5. Offstage Sinatra wore orange sweaters and liked seeing orange throw pillows in his home and dressing room because he believed “orange is the happiest color.” What color raises your spirits?
    * I like a bright green. I’m talking really bright, almost toward yellow.
  6. Frank and his loyal buddies were famously known as “The Rat Pack.” How many people do you consider close friends?
    * Five
  7. Sinatra’s children followed their father into show business. What advice would you give a young person entering your career of choice?
    * Get the I.S./I.T. degree first. Then get into the field. Or get into the field then get the degree. Because honestly the degree doesn’t matter. If you can code, you’re good.
  8. Legend has it that Frank was embarrassed by a scar on his face (received at birth from the forceps used in his delivery) and worked hard to cover it. Do you have a physical characteristic that you try to hide?
    * Not really – other than gray hair. 
  9. In 1964, when he first heard The Beatles, Sinatra was very dismissive. By 1970, he called the Beatles’ “Something” one of the most beautiful ballads ever. Tell us about something you changed your mind about.
    * Jamiroquai – the first time I ever heard them was Return of the Space Cowboy. I was a little put off because I thought it was a rip of Jonzun Crew’s version but it wasn’t.  But by some chance I later heard Cosmic Girl and picked up the disc, and a few more discs, and a few more.

And thanks to WordPress crappy little quick post/New Post button – I didn’t change answers 7 through 9. That has now been rectified.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Stealing – In the Wee Little Hours

    1. My bad – or I should say WordPress’s bad. Their crappy New Post editor doesn’t give an expansive view so when I got to question six, I didn’t see 7 through 9. But when I went to edit the post to change them it put me in the editor I’m more familiar with.

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