Let’s play spot the criminal offenses

You have to read this. It has to do with plants in North Carolina where they glue cushions. The glue is causing all sorts of seriously detrimental neurological issues.

Some of the more criminal things I found were:

  • Deliberately turning off ventilation fans
  • Not taking efforts to buy cheap $18 respirators for workers
  • Regularly EXCEEDING limit on the glue imposed by the glue manufacturer by factors of 10 and 100.

Now that’s just what I spotted. In essence the other issue is that OSHA regulatory gumption to enforce the rules with hefty fines. Part of that is because of Congress and we all know what the issue is there. Our congress has been bought and paid for many times over by corporate interests.

When it comes to workplace safety I’m one who believes it should ALWAYS err on the side of protecting the worker, not the company or the profit.

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