The height of injustice and stupidity in my neighborhood

So I hadn’t written much about it here. It started playing out on Facebook and I’ve been hearing about it from a friend and others on my daily commute.

There’s a new urban farm/garden store called Cluck! that was supposed to be opening. It’s fully stocked as you can see from my pictures over on the right side. I posted them to both flickr and Facebook with the tags “Injustice”, “Idiocy”, “What the Cluck!” and “Just Cluckin’ Around!”. I want them shared far and wide.

It’s ridiculous. The real story emerged however and my initial suspicion that the church had a bigger part was confirmed. They want to drive down the price of the property so they can use it to build an Amernian Heritage museum.

Kind of a dumb place to build one if you ask me. But alas, that’s the core.

The other parties involved are the same (Forgive me William Safire) nattering nabobs of negativity that halt progress everywhere.

As you can see from my flickr photos – it’s a gardening store. No livestock, only chicken feed. I suspect the name of the place, Cluck! got a lot of peoples feathers ruffled. There’s sort of a strong anti-chicken vibe in the city. But I’m told my city councilor Bryan Principe, State Rep. John J. Lombardi, and Senator Paul V. Jabour are supportive – if they’re really supportive their butts better be there tomorrow morning.

Anyhow there’s a demonstration going on there tomorrow morning at 9AM. I’ve baited all my friend on Facebook to be there. Get your ass there if you’re local. It’s on Broadway in Providence and you can’t miss it. It’s a bright green former gas station. And there will be a whole bunch of people there.


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