Marrige Equality Passes RI Senate Judiciary Committee 7-4

Definitely closer than I’d have expected but there are some well known bigots on that committee. Now let’s see if the body is allowed to vote on it.

It sort of surprises me – because based on all past evidence we had some really obstinate fuckers in the Senate. But several of their tunes have changed in the past year. I think a lot of it has to do with the environment on the national level. The President and Vice President coming out in support didn’t hurt the cause any and I’d heard that a lot of legislators were finally tired of the fight and that they’d heard from so many constituents in support that they changed their mind and voted it.

I know, my state Senator Paul V. Jabour delivered a rather interesting anti-equality screed at a WBNA Meet the Candidates night. But during his speech he said that if his constituents wanted it, he’d vote in favor. And lo and behold – I made sure his constituents called him – posted his contact info everywhere and that video everywhere.

63% in favor, 36% opposed.

If we just look at it from the committee level – and try to extrapolate we have more then 50% in the senate as a whole. So if Senate President M. Therese Paiva-Weed lets this come to a vote we’re green light all the way as Governor Lincoln Chafee is on board too!


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