Hmm, I like Volkswagen Vehicles

So prior this week I rented a 2013 Jetta. Nice on the highway, it accelerates really well and was under 3K RPM at 75MPH. Pretty nice, but then I found out why. It’s got a six speed automatic transmission.

Today I rented a 2012 VW Golf – smaller engine, same transmission. But it’s radio had bluetooth. Only gripe I have is the central display shows the connectivity going on. Damned car would try connecting to everything it saw around me except my phone. Grrrr. And it’s got little arrows but no buttons to control it. Very annoying. However the car seems to have more responsiveness than the Jetta. And you can squeal the tires on this one no problem.

So now I’m faced with a dilemma. I want to buy a car and I had been leaning towards a Mazda 3, but after driving the Jetta and the Golf I find I like those a lot better. Choices, choices.

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