With the RI Senate passage of Marriage Equality I wonder what the bigots think now

For instance, I did email my condolences to Christopher Plante, the head of the RI NOM. I was very nice about it, if maybe a little passive-aggressive but I couldn’t help myself.

And to Bishop Thomas Tobin – must suck to be him right now. His Catholic dogma doesn’t hold sway any longer.

And to his lackeys Rev. Bernard Healey and Rev. John Codega – they must be smarting a bit right now too. Good,

And to the various and sundry retards who testified AGAINST marriage equality, a great big FUCK YOU to all of them. It’s been a long ride and a lot of people deserve the utmost derision.

And Senate President M. Terese Paiva-Weed – she actually allowed the bill to come to a vote. Interesting, I wonder what House Speaker Gordon Fox held over her head in order for her to even let it come to a vote? I’ve long advocated he play hardball with her until she came correct. But alas, even though she allowed the vote she still voted against it so deserves a proper ration of shit for that.

All in all, it took longer than I expected but RI will have true equality in marriage. And the bigots can’t say a damned thing about it now, except to cry over their breakfast toast. I’m waiting to see the photo of NOM’s Brian Brown with tears in his eyes.

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