Video of RI Senate voting on SB38 – Marriage Equality

As I’ve done with the House vote, I’m also posting the Senate vote. This is historic and deserves to be preserved.

Some key moments in the video are obviously the introduction of the bill given by openly gay Senator Donna Nesselbush. And to her immediate left is my Senator Paul V. Jabour. He voted in favor. Good, I really didn’t want to have to give him a ration of shit.

But there’s more:

At 8:30 or so we have Sen. Frank Ciccone trying to insert a referendum amendment to put our rights to a vote.

At around 8:40 Sen. Susan Sosnowski urges her colleagues to reject Ciccone’s proposal.

Sen. Erin P. Lynch echoes Sen. Sosnowski’s sentiment.

At 13:47 Sen. Nesselbush gets fired up about referendum saying “…a referendum will never pass the House of Representatives…” Love it!

At 14:55 we get the religious sermon by Sen. Harold Metts. It’s quite the rant. He gets my award for “Best irrelevant spouting of Religious Verse”

Metts starts out calmly but the crescendo starts building about 15 seconds later when he says “I’m a sinner saved by grace.” I’d detail his sins but honestly I don’t want to dig too far on this one. He’s doing himself in nicely.

Metts ends at 27 minutes in, so he spouted for nearly 14 minutes.

Senator Elizabeth A. Crowley gives a very good speech – she reminisces on her forty years as clerk in the city of Pawtucket where she issued marriage licenses and draws the line nicely into why marriage equality should be made into law. Crowley talks about the soul searching and how it will change her life – and concludes it won’t change her life one bit. She says the three things Jesus said in the Bible, “Faith, Hope and Love”. I love it.

There’s one part near the end where another Senator absolutely ZINGS Senator Metts little religious tirade.

All in all I’m happy that it’s passed. One more tiny hurdle in the House to approve the Senate language insertion and then on to the Governor for his signature.

The best part – the absolute best is when Senator {x} zings Senator Metts.

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