Month: April 2013

RI Senate votes yes on Marriage Equality

About damned time! The vote was 26-12.  We won, the bigots can suck it! I hope Christopher Plante doesn’t cry in his corn flakes. And I cannot wait to see Brian Brown in tears again.

It’s the juggernaut now. RI makes ten states – last in New England of course but recall, RI was the last to ratify the Federal Constitution too.

I’m very happy about this. At last. At long last.

Marrige Equality Passes RI Senate Judiciary Committee 7-4

Definitely closer than I’d have expected but there are some well known bigots on that committee. Now let’s see if the body is allowed to vote on it.

It sort of surprises me – because based on all past evidence we had some really obstinate fuckers in the Senate. But several of their tunes have changed in the past year. I think a lot of it has to do with the environment on the national level. The President and Vice President coming out in support didn’t hurt the cause any and I’d heard that a lot of legislators were finally tired of the fight and that they’d heard from so many constituents in support that they changed their mind and voted it.

I know, my state Senator Paul V. Jabour delivered a rather interesting anti-equality screed at a WBNA Meet the Candidates night. But during his speech he said that if his constituents wanted it, he’d vote in favor. And lo and behold – I made sure his constituents called him – posted his contact info everywhere and that video everywhere.

63% in favor, 36% opposed.

If we just look at it from the committee level – and try to extrapolate we have more then 50% in the senate as a whole. So if Senate President M. Therese Paiva-Weed lets this come to a vote we’re green light all the way as Governor Lincoln Chafee is on board too!


Saturday 9 – I Don’t Want to Talk About It

Granted it’s not Saturday but a few days later. My first chance to answer these as I got it from Patently Queer who got it from Rejected Reality.

  1. Crazy Sam (the author of this meme) is beyond sick of all things Kardashian! What’s a topic you’re just tired of and don’t want to talk about anymore?
    * The Kardashians – I don’t want to hear another thing about it. In fact celebrity in general annoys me.
  2. Rod Stewart has been recording for more than 40 years. Do you have any of his music on your iPod/mp3 player?
    * Interestingly I don’t have any of his music in my library.
  3. Rod Stewart is known for his coif. How much time do you spend on your hair each morning?
    * Wash, dry, gel, 30 seconds!
  4. Rod’s first child, a daughter, will turn 50 this year. His most recent child, also a daughter, is 2. How close in age are your children? If you don’t have any children, how close in age are you and your siblings? If you don’t have children OR siblings, well, tell us what’s immediately to your left as you respond to this meme. If you don’t have anything to your left … Oh, hell, I give up!
    * No kids, no siblings.
  5. Which do you prefer — french toast or pancakes?
    * Oh French Toast! I buy the french loaf, cut it into nice thick little pieces, then into the egg batter seasoned with sugar, cinnamon and a little maple syrup. Then into a well buttered pan to cook.
  6. When was the last time you lost your cool?
    * I grow weary of “parents” pretending to care about their children but abdicating responsibility every chance they get.
  7. Crazy Sam once had a pet hamster she named Bart. Have you ever cared for a hamster or a gerbil?
    * Yes in fact I have. I had a hamster once – a little female teddy bear hamster named Tiffany. She was a trip – you’d give her some lettuce and she’d stuff he cheeks with it. Her favorite place was on my shoulder.
  8. Are you ticklish?
    * Yes I am.
  9. Ouch! You have a headache! What’s your go-to remedy?
    * Hyrdation!

The FCC wonders why cell 911 service borked in Boston

Doh! I was perusing some wordpress blogs and came across this:


In his final meeting at the Commission, the agency’s top regulator said the FCC would press forward with an examination of why wireless phones failed to operate in the wake of the bombing. Such a result is unacceptable, he said, given how essential it is for the public to access 911 during an emergency. “We will not let up as long as there is more to do to harness the technology,” he said.


This is why I say, it’s time to stop putting the lawyers in charge of the FCC and put the engineers and technical people in charge.

I can tell you why – it’s simple. A cell site can only handle so many calls at a time. A lot of them use variants of TDMA and CDMA which both have contention issues. TDMA because the number of time slots is fixed by physical realities, CDMA by the amount of bandwidth.

Even the ‘wired’ telephone network which more and more is becoming VoIP has contention issues. In a real emergency the switch fabric can only handle so many calls at once. When everyone picks up the phone it ties up the switch. Of course some people would get through, modern phone systems have these things called Class of Service(COS)  and Class of Restriction (COR). Entities with high COS and low COR get priority.

And ‘fixing’ this problem is likely to cost billions or trillions of dollars. You see, the limitations were a design choice in telecom switching, not a problem per se.

So really – maybe we should pass a law where half of the sitting commissioners are not attorneys but engineers and technical people. You wouldn’t need to have hearings to figure this crap out.


On How Facebook triggers posts about religion

So a friend on Facebook posted the following:

I can say stupid things about Catholic people, but I’m not gonna do it. I could say all Irish people are drunks, or all Polish people are dumb, or all Italian people are in the mafia. Everyone has a different ethnic group or religion they belong to. Prejudice is stupid.

Now I chimed in that I thought it was ok to discriminate against Catholics, after all people CHOSE to be Catholic. Therefore we can make fun of their choice. I didn’t choose to be gay.

I also brought up the ‘other people’ in the Bible. It’s right there in Genesis right after Cain slays his brother. He’s cast out of the Garden of Eden and goes East of Eden into Nod where he finds a wife. So in essence there were all these OTHER people in Nod when God decided to do his little Garden experiment.

Pisses Christians off when you tell them that. Because it tells them their entire belief system is based on a falsehood. Produces massive amounts of cognitive dissonance.

If you don’t want to read the whole book like I once did I suggest you at least read the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Old Testament. Tells you everything you need to know about the current crop of Catholics and Christians.

And if you’re feeling adventurous – keep reading. And then come back to me and say that you still believe. Because when you get to the New Testament and start reading the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John about Jesus death and resurrection you see that each gets the story slightly differently. And even the first three books – the share a lot of commonalities but also a lot of contradictions between them. It’s quite fascinating to do a forensic walk through the Bible too.

As a society I think we’d all be better off if we cared more about our neighbor than about our church. Might actually make some progress if that were the case.

And more to the point, one can be highly moral without religion. So the argument that we need religion to form morality is patently false too!

You can now see – I’m no fan of organized religion.

So it’s now official

I’m a Unix guy. It has been boiling around in my resume for awhile now. At this juncture I’ve now dealt with more Unix and Linux systems than Windows systems.

Granted I still know the hell out of Windows too. For example, I know how to get Windows to route packets destined for certain devices over a certain interface.

But the majority of my experience has now been with Unix and open source tools. And I know how to use Corkscrew to tunnel http connections on Unix too.