2013 Is Turning Out to be Very Remarkable

Over the past year or so we’ve seen all sorts of progress. From the elections in 2012 where anti-gay discrimination was beat back in three states, and a horrid anti-gay law was walked back in one of the states.

Then of course we saw President Obama and even Vice President Biden come out swinging in support of marriage equality. It’s funny – in June of last year I attended the NetRoots Nation gathering here in Providence. I’ll probably hit the gatherings on election years since it’s a more charged atmosphere. At one of the LGBT meetings they handed out a proclamation from President Obama’s team acknowledging the LGBT community. That was interesting.

Then here in RI the stars aligned and yesterday Governor Lincoln Chafee signed marriage equality into law.

And I see that the bleating has already begun on how we’ll be persecuting the believers etc.

But the Rhode Island victory is notable for the fact that we were able to beat back the Catholic Church and the bigots that surround it. That proves to me that the Catholic hierarchy is VERY disconnected from it’s congregants.

And we’ve certainly heard from Asshat Tobin and now even Christopher Plante that  in the former case is telling congregants to avoid gay weddings because it could put their faith in danger, and Plante has a major case of the sadz too. Aww too bad. And you can’t do a mother fucking thing about it. It’s law and will stay that way for some time.

One thought on “2013 Is Turning Out to be Very Remarkable

  1. always a pessimist about these things, I am seeing more and more draconian laws restricting abortion without having to turn over roe vs. wade. I worry ‘they’ will find similar ways to circumvent the new laws.
    But I try to hold on to hope.

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