Details on my recent correspondence with Rev. John Codega

So I sent this:

Hey John, I’m sure you know that marriage equality is now law in RI. About time too! I’m dismayed by the Bishop’s recent screed though. You all fought an interesting if redundant fight that exposed the root of anti-gay animus.

To which he responded:

“antti-gay animus”? You know Tony, I don’t get it.  I have never heard Bishop Tobin or anyone one who truly represents the Church (there are fanatics on both sides of the debate) say anything negative or derogatory about  the gay community.  Yet, including your own comments, some have have been extremely offensive, insulting, berating, hateful and accusatorial to the faith community. To me this exposes out of touch with reality and lack of truth put forward in the same-sex marriage debate proposed by the advocates. Give credit where credit is due – it worked!
Emotions trumped logic and threats and lies overshadowed truth.

Speaker Fox summed it up when he said, finally the State of Rode Island says his relationship to his partner is worth something.  How sad.  I sincerely hope a piece of paper issued by the government brings peace to couples seeking peace, though I doubt their personal struggles can be legislated to be whole again.

As always, I wish you well

Rev John Codega

And I shot back with:

Well John, It isn’t so much that he comes right out and says it, but rather says things like how attending same sex weddings could put their faith in jeopardy, etc. I’m paraphrasing but coming from a Catholic background I know how to read between the lines. And yes, I’ve made some comments that won’t sit well with those who espouse a paradigm that is essentially bigotry. But it had to be said.

It is however water under the bridge at this time because civil law trumps religious doctrine.


No response after my reply but if any I’ll update this post.

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