I Attended TEDx Providence 2013

I have watched a ton of TED videos online. So when I heard that a TEDx (The x means it’s independently organized) presentation was going on in Providence and I had a discount code for it, I signed up the other day.


I must say – the program was broken into three main areas, Social Enterprise, Food, and Art & Craftsmanship. In all there were some thought provoking ideas brought forward.

Having a bit of a hard time saying which presentation really caught my attention since all of them did.

I must say though – the presentation had 3 videos that are pulled directly off the TED site above. Okay, they needed to fill time. The speakers were, for the most part, very local.

For example we heard a talk by Umberto Crenca – one of the founding member of AS220, RI’s art leader. His story started with an amusing take on his early career in the art scene and included one critics rough assessment of Mr. Crenca’s work.

Then of course there was the talk done by Rick Benjamin, RI’s Official Poet to speak. Very thought provoking speech on poetry. Gives one a greater appreciation of the art and it’s ability to stimulate the mind, the heart and the soul.

Then we heard from Davide Dukcevich, 3rd generation at Daniele, Inc.

The history of Daniele  is very interesting, the family fled Yugoslavia into Italy and there began doing some Italian favorites. Then in 1976 they brought the whole thing to the U.S. and it’s made here in RI.

And then Barnaby Evans, the creator of WaterFire gave his speech. It was an amusing speech as he traced his childhood of building little green spaces with sticks and stones in essence, and creating little rivers by diverting downspouts. Then he explained the fascination with fire, the symbolism of death and rebirth inherent. I must say, I’m still captured by the WaterFire spirit, it’s very ethereal. I like it the later it gets when the crowd thins out.

In the Social Enterprise side we had a talk by Angela Jackson on teaching kids foreign languages like Arabic and Chinese and how it broadens their horizons. I know my high school Spanish opened my eyes to quite a bit. Three years of it I can’t really speak or understand it because I don’t use it. But I can read it. Weird.

Like I said, lots of interesting talks. Makes me want to see the whole weekend long one in California now.

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