Cluck! Gets it’s variance!

I may or may not have written about the urban farm supply store called Cluck! in the past.

This evening I attended a Zoning Board of Review hearing to see if Cluck! would get the required variance.

It’s an interesting process that I’m glad I witnessed. I can see myself having to get variances for properties that I’ll purchase in the future. So it’s good to know the process.

The hearing was interesting as the support for Cluck! was overwhelming. People testified that since Cluck! moved in they’ve seen a decrease in the vandalism of the facility, as well as enjoying the improvements made to the property.

Only one real point of opposition was registered by a gentleman who owns 272 Broadway. Now 272 Broadway is some FOUR blocks away from Cluck! The average block spans about 100 feet so that would be 400 feet away. The abutting rule says 200 feet. Sorry, they lose by 200 feet.

Anyhow the gentleman stated that having chickens around would attract mice and rats. I chuckled at that part because the reality is that chickens mostly attract foxes. And foxes love to eat mice, rats and chickens.

Not to mention that the neighborhood now has a fairly hefty population of chickens since it’s now completely legal to own chickens in the city of Providence.

There were some conditions for the variance  that included:1) Only three chickens, no roosters on the property. I can see this one getting challenged on the part of Cluck! because as the birds age, and they are social creatures, you introduce another to the  brood.

2) That all live chicks will be pre-ordered and then picked up. None kept overnight.

3) That on Sundays the shop opens at 12:00PM.

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