Gay Rights march in Georgian Republic turns ugly

This is awful. It’s awful for more reason than just the blatant animus against the LGBT community.

Here’s the first sentence from the article:

“A throng of thousands led by priests in black robes surged through police cordons in downtown Tbilisi, Georgia, on Friday and attacked a group of about 50 gay rights demonstrators.”

And the Catholic church raises it’s ugly head once again. Really – by this point in time the priests have to know it’s a losing proposition. And some of the things they say about gay people are horrid.

For example: “No to mental genocide”

What? Mental genocide, so wait a minute. Is that me thinking that if there were a god I’d like to think she’d smote all the bigots with a huge bolt of lightning.

But I know what they’re really saying – no learning that gay people are normal. No learning about the outside world when religious belief is at risk.

In fact one woman who protested the parade said this:

“We are trying to protect our orthodoxy, not to let anyone to wipe their feet on our faith,” said Manana Okhanashvili, in a head scarf and long skirt. “We must not allow them to have a gay demonstration here.”

So Ms. Okhanashvili in essence proves my point.  The bigots are saying they’d prefer to bury their heads in the sand than acknowledge that the LGBT community exists.

But the game is over and the priests know it.

One thought on “Gay Rights march in Georgian Republic turns ugly

  1. what struck me as most unsettling was the alleged threats of the priests whipping people who attended. Whipping? in this day and age? and by so called Christians? Gads, we are no better than 1500s after all, alas.

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