Currently Reading: Lies My Teacher Told Me

So someone on Facebook had recommended the book. I got the kindle version on amazon.

I’m only 55 pages in and in the section where they’re talking about what Columbus actually did.

I’ll spoil it for you. First of all Columbus was not the first to reach North America. There are Vikings and even peoples of Phoenicia and other places around Africa who made it here too. In fact New England, where I live, was originally called Vineland.

In fact it’s posited that there were African visitors in Mexico that re-date Columbus by over a hundred years.

The book also goes into how Columbus and the Spanish wiped out entire indigenous populations on Haiti.

So why do we still celebrate him? There’s even some question as to his Italian ancestry – and some data to indicate he was Jewish.

Go get the book – our history is much richer than they’d ever have us believe.

3 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Lies My Teacher Told Me

  1. I’ve known this for years. What fascinates me is how some folks (usually of Italian background) bristle at the notion Mr. Columbus was not the first white guy to touch North America.

    1. It’s on Amazon – for about $10 in the Kindle version. I highly suggest reading it. I’m only a couple chapters in the genocide against the native tribes on the North American continent is astounding. Nearly 20 million native Americans wiped out. Makes me wonder how I ended up with Mohawk blood in my veins, and it makes that blood boil just a little.

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