Month: May 2013

Now that marriage equality is a settled issue in RI, what’s next for me?

One of the things I’d always thought about was once the marriage equality fight was over what will I do next. I find myself enjoying political theater but not enough to run for office.

But I’ve been agitating to get the Speaker of the House, and the Senate President to attend a gathering of we geeks at either Providence Geeks or DC401, RI’s local DefCon group which sort of is morphing into The Brain Tank for the Cons themselves.

I want them to understand that we’re giving the candy store away to the wrong guys, namely the big retailer in the state CVS, and banks like BofA, RBS Citizens¬† and insurance companies. Meanwhile at the very bottom of the give away is technology. I’d like to see it rise far up the list because the ROI on that would be much better than a fucking bank.

Then there is the regulatory environment here in RI vis a vis public utilities or lets be frank, National Grid. I want them fully regulated, clamp the fuck down again.

And who knows, maybe some other issues will come up that pique my interest. You never know. But I can tell you beyond shadow of doubt, I will NEVER run for office. Too much crap involved.

RI Governor Chafee Signs Marriage Equality Bill into Law

We were there. Had to listen to some bloviating from some of the pols, even Speaker Gordon Fox got a little choked up and teary when he was speaking.

All I can say is I never thought it would happen in RI. I thought we’d have to wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to finally give us our due. And it took far too long, 14+ years of long hours of testimony, of phone banking, of knocking on doors.

But alas, Rhode Island now becomes the tenth state with marriage equality.

Here’s Governor Lincoln Chafee talking about Marriage Equality. I did cut the video off when he started talking about economics of it. Sorry about that.

And here the Governor is signing the equality legislation into law. It’s over on the left hand side.

And the Providence Gay Men’s Chorus sings for the crowd.

And in my snarky mood – the bigots lost! Even Bishop Tobin is telling Catholics to avoid gay weddings. Really? Here’s mine, avoid Catholic churches.