More on the JMG Fanboy Saga

So someone posted this comment to me:

Well… some people feel strongly about such things and these books have a huge and very dedicated following….and for good reason too, because the author has created a very realistic (as far as being able to project yourself there) and complex world that they’ve likely spent a lot of time wandering around in .
We’ve read 5 books in the series so far, after all, and they’re not nearly so quick to get through as the shows….
So, that’s probably why it pricked their ire for you to say you didn’t like it.
You can’t possibly even really get the story just based on a few episodes of the tv show really, but then, anyone who has only seen the shows and not read the books is missing out too…or I think so… because if you liked the show, the books are even b etter wi th lots more detail.

You didn’t care for it…some people won’t… and that’s okay. Not everybody has to have all the same interests. The world would be boring if they did.

In the end, everyone here at JMG is on the same team and a small bit of sniping over a fictional story surely won’t change that. : )

To which replied that if people’s egos were so fragile that maybe they shouldn’t be on the net. I’ve maintained that for a number of years because I’ve been on the net, the precursor of the net, and the precursor to that. I have my asbestos underwear on!

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