Stirring the shit on Joe My God

So Joe My God posted a spoiler about the HBO series Game of Thrones.

I should start by saying I watched four episodes of it before I decided it wasn’t worth the time to watch anymore.

First of all I’m REALLY picky about my pre-renaissance dramas and melodramas. While I dislike Game of Thrones for the time it takes to develop plot, I enjoy the hell out of the series Borgia! The intrigue in Borgia was enough to hold my interest. And I also enjoyed Hemlock Grove too. Granted the latter is set more in contemporary time and contains two groups which I generally think have been overdone, werewolves and vampires. But Hemlock Grove actually shows a nice grotesque transition from human to werewolf that’s stunning.

But say you don’t like the series and the fanboys get REALLY upset. Usually I might get a response or two to comments I make on there. But we’re at five and counting now. One guys starts by saying “You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about…”

My reply was that if it take >4 episodes to get interesting I have no interest in watching.

As I write we’re now up to six responses. All saying I didn’t watch the series because after all there are three seasons. I couldn’t care less, what I’ve watched already was quite enough.

3 thoughts on “Stirring the shit on Joe My God

  1. Yeah but like I said, never piss off the fanboys. I got comments like “So why’d you post if you don’t like the show.” I answered that it was to save people from having to watch such a shitty piece of work.

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