Why I block online ads

I’ll explain best I can.

I’m paying for the net connection therefore I get to decide what can be seen and what will not be seen.

But the other thing about ads is this, particularly in the video space: If for example you watch a 40 minute program on the likes of Hulu, there are on average FIVE ad blocks counting 2 to 3 minutes each. So in essence taking the larger number in a 40 minute program you have 15 minutes of ads shoved at you. I’d prefer black screen over that.

That’s the thing about advertising, they have to push their message ad infinitum or else people might forget about their brand or product. So we need be constantly reminded.

There was a guy named Edward Bernays who started the whole thing. Smart guy but I sort of despise him for what he did. I’d much prefer we had a system like in the UK where you pay a tax or fee for TV viewing each year and that money funds the BBC.

Sure they have ads too but I bet they’re less egregious than the bland pablum that advertising has become as late.

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