RI Pride 2013 Videos

I took a bunch of them. They staged the parade in small waves so that’s why there are a lot of videos.

That said, I’m going to rant. For a night-time parade, LIGHT is a prerequisite. I really need to get involved and teach these folks about things like super-bright LED’s, EL-Wire, etc. It’s all low voltage – hell you can tap the 13.8V feed off the vehicle and power these things, you could use an LM series chip to regulate it down to 5V since the bed of a flatbed is a HUGE heat sink.  I really should introduce the geek community to PRIDE RI. We’re a bunch that knows:

A) Quite a bit about InfoSec

B) How to build electronic devices. We’re pretty handy with soldering irons.

C) We have ideas. Awhile back I had posted a photo of the suggestion board for projects.

Anyhow without further ado my award to the group that understands the term ‘illuminated’:

And of course the YMCA actually had marchers – blasting the song by the Village People of the same name. They get the award for the sound system.

And here’s the actual start of RI Pride 2013 – note the two PRIME groups and no light. Big old What the fuck there.

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