Bigotry wherever you look

So Someone in this house was doing his thing when the  topic of the Muppet with the father in prison came up. It branched to if there will be a gay character on the series. Now this is where it gets interesting. Someone has been working with a group getting a magazine up and running. One of the women took strong objection to there being a gay Muppet. She thinks if kids see that they’ll want to try being gay themselves.

She also stated that being gay was a choice! Now she knows her editor/stylist is gay and partnered. But she still spouts the bigoted shit.

I told him that next time he should ask her when she chose to be straight. That ought to set the record right. And then mention the fact that our parents were STRAIGHT. There are idiots out there who think only gay people breed gay people. Instead if they’d kept up with the data coming in as to why there are gay people, they might find it’s a genetic strategy. Imagine that.

I’m making everything here anonymous but the fact that someone still defers to the Biblical bullshit pisses me off to no end.

But I understand it – these people have NEVER read the entirety of the texts in the Bible. Had they done so they would have noticed the inconsistencies, the copy error, translation error, and editorializing by scribes prior to the spread of Gutenberg’s printing press. Instead they’ve listened to their pastors spout this bullshit.

I know this because even my own family was susceptible to that idiocy. I recall a conversation with my father about how black and white people shouldn’t be together and being told by dad that it was in the Bible. Funny, I never saw that in there when I read the entire book. Instead I tracked it down – it’s white supremacist bovine effluent. Nice crowd dad fell in with there. Note the dripping sarcasm.



One thought on “Bigotry wherever you look

  1. I can barely remember a great-uncle quoting the Bible to show it was god’s plan to segregate. Even at 6yo I smelled a rat: this sounded like pure rationalization. To this day I don’t take truck in isolated scripture quotes.

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