A ‘debate’ on Creationism and thoughts on the foundations of modern religions

So I was watching this video of Christopher Hitchens stating that there is “No creationism debate, it’s over.”

Hitches brought up the Golden rule, aka do unto others and you’d have them do unto you. He theorizes that this is the default human state and has been responsible for the progress made by societies.

That got me to thinking. For example – I know the Code of Hammurabi was written sometime around 1700BC. And the Juedo-Christian Old Testament came about sometime between around 532 and 322BC. The New Testament came about sometime after 100AD. And in fact I was watching another YouTube video of a Christian wing-nut trying to make the case for a trinitarian or tri-partite god. What most Christians don’t know is that little innovation didn’t come about until 325AD and the First Nicean Council.

We also know that pagan celebrations were co-opted in order to spread Christianity. Then of course there’s the fact that up until Gutenberg and his printing press in the 15th century all Bibles were copied by scribes. This introduces a coupe of  possible problem areas.

The first is translation error. If you’re familiar with another language you know that certain terms don’t translate. So a certain amount of translation error when the texts went from what is likely Aramaic to Greek and then to English, let’s just say a lot probably got lost in translation.

Then there’s copy error – this came in when scribes would editorialize or correct the text for flow issues.

You see where I’m going right? It’s all just made up power structure. Every last bit of it.

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