Month: June 2013

Something that came to mind: What is DOJ’s problem?

So I see Attorney General Eric Holder is saying he’ll pounce on blatant violations of voting rights. Good, that’s one part of his job.

But another comes immediately to mind. All this Too Big to Fail shit. Where the hell is DOJ on this? I mean in the 1980’s they managed to breakup the biggest monopoly going, The Bell System. Granted, it’s pretty much come back together again but for wireless not wired.

But why not break the big banks into a million little pieces? Sure they might be too big to fail but they’re not too big to break them up. It’s something the attorneys at the DOJ would just love to sink their teeth in and they have or should have the institutional acumen to do it.

So I have to ask, why not?


A ‘debate’ on Creationism and thoughts on the foundations of modern religions

So I was watching this video of Christopher Hitchens stating that there is “No creationism debate, it’s over.”

Hitches brought up the Golden rule, aka do unto others and you’d have them do unto you. He theorizes that this is the default human state and has been responsible for the progress made by societies.

That got me to thinking. For example – I know the Code of Hammurabi was written sometime around 1700BC. And the Juedo-Christian Old Testament came about sometime between around 532 and 322BC. The New Testament came about sometime after 100AD. And in fact I was watching another YouTube video of a Christian wing-nut trying to make the case for a trinitarian or tri-partite god. What most Christians don’t know is that little innovation didn’t come about until 325AD and the First Nicean Council.

We also know that pagan celebrations were co-opted in order to spread Christianity. Then of course there’s the fact that up until Gutenberg and his printing press in the 15th century all Bibles were copied by scribes. This introduces a coupe of  possible problem areas.

The first is translation error. If you’re familiar with another language you know that certain terms don’t translate. So a certain amount of translation error when the texts went from what is likely Aramaic to Greek and then to English, let’s just say a lot probably got lost in translation.

Then there’s copy error – this came in when scribes would editorialize or correct the text for flow issues.

You see where I’m going right? It’s all just made up power structure. Every last bit of it.

I finally realized what it is about reality programming that bothers me

It finally struck me, the reason I dislike reality television programming.

Reality programming caters to and celebrates mediocrity. It’s really that simple. I’ve in the past called it lowest common denominator programming but this is the refinement of that idea.

The celebration of mediocrity. We see it in our schools when just average students are given stars on their papers, or how parents think their kid is ‘special’. That’s mediocrity.

Esteem isn’t esteem when we celebrate it. It’s to be earned through learning and work.

My goodness, I’m starting to sound like a puritan!


Web Site Outages

So yesterday morning I tried accessing the United States Postal Service’s web site only to have it time out.

Today it’s Facebook.

I suspect there are denial of service attacks going on. It’s not Cox’s name resolution as an nslookup brings back the IP address which if I look it up is registered to:

inetnum: -
netname:        IE-FACEBOOK-20110418
descr:          Facebook Ireland Ltd
country:        IE
org:            ORG-FIL7-RIPE
admin-c:        RD4299-RIPE
tech-c:         RD4299-RIPE
status:         ALLOCATED PA
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-lower:      fb-neteng
mnt-routes:     fb-neteng
source:         RIPE #Filtered

Facebook Ireland? Really? That seems to me that the U.S. data center is experiencing some problems. 
And I tried it on my cell phone - get the same issue. I've got DNS lookup on the phone and it too points
to the same netblock.

A USPS Gripe

So every time we ship a package to Keyron’s mom in North Carolina it’s always hit or miss. For example – the most recent package was shipped on the 17th with an expected date of the 19th. Ok, two days on Priority Mail is not a problem.

And the package flowed just fine through the local post offices. We dropped it at Weybosset Hill Station (02903) at 3:56PM, it processed out through the main Turnkey Station (02904) on the 17th and transited toward Raleigh, NC. But it took 2 days to get to Raleigh? Really?

I don’t think the delay was here in Providence, but I think Raleigh must have delayed processing it. So what should have taken two days took FOUR days. I know the postal service in the south is slow ass anyhow. I recall participating in mail studies. They’d share the results with participants and the southern U.S. always came in DEAD LAST!

But one oddity – it took TWO whole days to get from Providence, RI to Raleigh, NC. Now I know you can drive it in 12 hours. And if it flies there is an airport near Raleigh, RDU. That’s only a couple hours flight time.

So the only theory that springs to mind is that there wasn’t enough mail volume to go from Providence, RI to Columbia, NC (via Raleigh, NC).

And then I pondered more and realized – when we’d shipped before and it got there in 2 or 3 days it was always around major holidays like Christmas, or Mothers Day, etc. So the mail volume to points far had to be up there. But ship in a seasonal lull and be prepared to wait.


Bigotry wherever you look

So Someone in this house was doing his thing when the  topic of the Muppet with the father in prison came up. It branched to if there will be a gay character on the series. Now this is where it gets interesting. Someone has been working with a group getting a magazine up and running. One of the women took strong objection to there being a gay Muppet. She thinks if kids see that they’ll want to try being gay themselves.

She also stated that being gay was a choice! Now she knows her editor/stylist is gay and partnered. But she still spouts the bigoted shit.

I told him that next time he should ask her when she chose to be straight. That ought to set the record right. And then mention the fact that our parents were STRAIGHT. There are idiots out there who think only gay people breed gay people. Instead if they’d kept up with the data coming in as to why there are gay people, they might find it’s a genetic strategy. Imagine that.

I’m making everything here anonymous but the fact that someone still defers to the Biblical bullshit pisses me off to no end.

But I understand it – these people have NEVER read the entirety of the texts in the Bible. Had they done so they would have noticed the inconsistencies, the copy error, translation error, and editorializing by scribes prior to the spread of Gutenberg’s printing press. Instead they’ve listened to their pastors spout this bullshit.

I know this because even my own family was susceptible to that idiocy. I recall a conversation with my father about how black and white people shouldn’t be together and being told by dad that it was in the Bible. Funny, I never saw that in there when I read the entire book. Instead I tracked it down – it’s white supremacist bovine effluent. Nice crowd dad fell in with there. Note the dripping sarcasm.



An expansion on Octal

I mentioned Octal as being base 8. It’s true. However in Linux circles you can either set permissions on a file or folder using user/group/other I always found it clunky. Instead you can just do a chmod 551

It breaks down as follows:

4 is read

2 is write

1 is excute

So chmod 551 says User can read and execute, group can read and execute, and other only gets to execute.

You just add up the values to get the permissions for each. All privs come up to chmod 777, that’s read, write and execute for EVERYONE.

But you can understand why it’s called Octal – only 8 possible values for each position.