Does the Catholic church have any credibility left?

I mean their central doctrine can now pretty much be debunked. My favorite is to claim that there was a land beyond the Garden that wasn’t God’s Provence, and just whom did Cain marry in Nod?

Anyhow in the data dump from the Milwaukee priest sex abuse cases that came from the Catholic Archdiocese there’s a little memo in there on how Cardinal Dolan, while he was Archbishop of Milwaukee moved $56 million dollars to a cemetery trust fund to shield it from those who had been abused by priests.

So now that Dolan is the head honcho in New York how does he respond to these revelations?

First the fucker says

He reiterated in a statement Monday that these were “old and discredited attacks.”

Then he goes on to say:

Cardinal Dolan said on his blog in New York that it was “malarkey” and “groundless gossip.’

Really? Really? Groundless when the documentation for what you did is now available for all to see? Malarkey? Really? I think the real bovine effluent is flowing from Dolan’s mouth to be honest. All lies.

And think about it: If the Catholic church and it’s leaders are wrong on this, what else are they wrong about? I’ve often stated that the entirety of Catholicism and Christianity in general as based on so much ‘woo’, or in other more vulgar vernacular, it was pulled right from someones backside.

And I have to ask, the F. as Dolan’s middle initial, does it stand for fuckwad? Fucktard? Fuckface?

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