An interesting observation on telecom

Yesterday I had an interview and during it we got into an interesting discussion. We were talking about telecom and networking and were discussing the pitfalls of dealing with both Cox Communications and Verizon.

Ultimately I arrived at the conclusion that to get what you want out of both companies you have to actively MANAGE them.

Of course another story emerged and explains why Verizon services are so expensive. For one job Verizon had sent out five, count them five engineers. One of the engineers only responsibility was to determine the location of the jacks and terminations for the service. The others were for cabling, true engineering, etc.

Of course we also started talking about at&t/Lucent/Avaya (a/L/A) systems like the System 75, Definity and Prologix. I had mentioned that one of the techs from the above companies had given me the Craft Access password for the Avaya systems. The guy I was speaking to told me that because of a/l/A’s weak security policies they had over $300K in toll fraud on their system. They actually filed suit against a/L/A and lost. You just know that a/L/A had language in their contracts that protected them, right?

But a central premise came out – those a/L/A systems – they lasted forever. They’re still in use in the state of RI and will be for some time.

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