Bryan Fischer wants to fight

Forgive the beg and offer of the Military Bible Stick. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

Anyhow – his contention that he wants to fight regard the so called threat to religious liberty?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Bryan but his arguments and those of other bigots of his cloth, don’t hold up under questioning in a court of law.

And even legislators are now learning that denying gay rights is a political non-starter.

So fuck you Bryan Fischer. And I would fuck you with a rusty spike.

And of course Fischer wants to revive the tired meme that Hitler’s 3rd Reich was mostly homosexuals.

2 thoughts on “Bryan Fischer wants to fight

    1. Eh, I’m pretty calm. I have heard enough both online and in person from the bigots. I seem to strike a note with them, I see the world for what it is, they seem to see it as a fiction of their own creation.

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