Want to see early Christians look like assholes, watch this movie

It’s called Agora. It’s based on the sacking of the Library at Alexandria by early Christians. Keyron had recommended I watch it, and one of the speaker at Skepticon V had also suggested it. So I gave it a watch. The video from Skepticon V:

The opening scene shows an early Christian walking through fire and then throwing a pagan into the fire and asking why he wasn’t protected. Makes the Christians look REALLY bad, you know, sort of like today we have assholes like Pope Frankie saying we gay people are still morally bankrupt, etc.

The movie was never distributed in the U.S. because the distributors are all scared little pussies and they knew it would probably upset the Christian shit stains in this country.

But there’s hope – especially among what they like to call millenials now. A lot of them want nothing to do with religion.

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