I hope Zimmerman is convicted

I’ve been pretty quiet about this on here because I wanted to give the process a chance. I know, I know, it’s Florida. But I’ve commented on posts on other blogs.

Despite all the illusion that the defense is trying for in the case, there are some facts that remain disturbing to say the least:

1) Put yourself in the shoes of Trayvon Martin. You’re walking home from the store and you notice this guy following you in a car, a guy who then gets out of the car to confront you. What would your reaction to that be? If i were in his shoes I’d fuck Zimmerman up myself.

2) Zimmerman used an EXCESSIVE amount of force by using a gun.

3) Physically Zimmerman was bigger than Martin. He had nothing to really fear. So his arguments that he feared for his life are bogus at best.

4) I find the Stand Your Ground law is being stretched here. It’s derived form Castle Doctrine which says if someone breaks into your home, you have the right to kill them and be shielded from all criminal and civil action. The thing is, Zimmerman did this on public property, and it’s the job of the POLICE to investigate and arrest where probable cause indicates it’s proper. It is NOT the job of the neighborhood watch to do this. The only responsibility of the watch is to call it in to the police and perhaps maintain an eye on the subject. Other than that – you don’t approach, you don’t try to interact.

Based on the above, Zimmerman was essentially going rogue.  In my thinking he’s guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin and should be convicted of the crime.


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