More on George Zimmerman being found not guilty

I’ve been posting everywhere that in essence the prosecution completely screwed the pooch on this case. They could have done a better job.

Mainly the whole Stand Your Ground law. I think George Zimmerman gave up any claim to that defense when he left his vehicle after being told not to do so by police dispatch.

So I have been posting this on Facebook, Disqus, etc:

“Put yourself in the shoes of Trayvon Martin: You’re just walking back from purchasing a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. You notice this guy following you in a car, then the guy parks, gets out and accosts you. What would you do? ”

You would not believe the racist comments I’ve gotten in reply. I often say that the undercurrent of racism runs strong and deep in the United States. I’ve seen evidence of it in the way my SO is treated by some people.

There’s this one on Disqus, she goes by Squeak. Well – her Disqus profile shows her as Linsey86. A little Google search yields a Linsey Carruthers with matching birthdate of 1986 and lives in California.  She’s a 27 year old racist cunt. So I called her out by name on a Disqus reply. Of course she has nothing to say now. Pity.

If I might warn you Linsey (Or is it Lindsay), never fuck with I.T. people. We know where the bodies are buried.

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