Ad Hominem Never Wins (Zimmerman Comments on Washington Times)

So I’ve been having a little one armed battle of wits on Washington Times. If you read this blog you know I’m pretty left leaning liberal. And I tend to be able to see nuance in things, like how the prosecutor in the Zimmerman case left out relevant elements because they were afraid of starting a race war.

But then the comments start getting silly:

This thread tickled me:

Truthspew –> truthseeker55 7 hours ago

Wait, wait. You prayed with your kids, made sure they were involved in structured activities and yet they’re still not perfect? I wonder what went wrong.


Major –> Truthspew 7 hours ago

Because none of us are perfect you kumquat…and he accepts that as a fact of life.

Truthspew –>  Major 7 hours ago

How dare you call me a Rutaceae! And a lot of us are a whole lot more perfect because we don’t have the veiled racist attitudes that many of the comments on this post seem to display. And the notion that none of us are perfect, that’s straight out of Christian dogma.

Then there’s this thread – where the ad hominem resembles pot calling kettle black:

Truthspew –> esquire28 hours ago

Oh sure – examine no-fault divorce. Make it harder to divorce and watch the domestic violence rate increase. I’m always appalled by those who are one sided thinkers like you guys.


esquire2 –> Truthspew7 hours ago

Mr. Answer to Everything, Solution to Nothing …

Oh Bottomless Well of Ignorance, look at all your postings … all you do is criticize.

instead of finding fault with other’s proposals, why don’t you solve “a” problem?


Truthspew –> esquire27 hours ago

If you note I didn’t given the answers per se, I asked you to think about the ‘why’ in all of this. The fact that you resort to ad hominem indicates you are intellectually lazy and cannot form a proper rebuttal.


esquire2 –>  Truthspew19 minutes ago

whereas U R merely intellectually challenged.

My response for some reason disappeared – in essence I told him pot, meet kettle.

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