The racist hate regarding the Zimmerman case is stunning

I love that more sites are using Disqus. I won’t use it here simply because WordPress’s commenting system works for me.

You have all sorts of people trying to paint Trayvon Martin as the aggressor. But I think I’ve explained enough that he was the one accosted by Zimmerman and his response was appropriate.

So I’ve been commenting on a Washington Times article – one of the things I really, really enjoy is calling out the homophobic and racist bigots. If you’re so brave go read the article and the comments. I post as Truthspew there so mine will be obvious.

You have the welfare queen arguments, even though welfare has been decimated since Ronald Reagan held office. Then you have the ‘fact’ that Black people reproduce faster than White people which is half truth, actually it’s the Latino population that is growing exponentially.

And then of course the Obama hate is showing in almost every comment. And they use derogatory spelling for the name, de riguer.

One guy called me a Kumquat so I told him I was offended by being called a Rutaceae, which is the family name for the fruit bearing trees. I bet he’s going to go off that I used a Latin name.

Like I said – and I used the old proverb more likely from Native American about walking a mile in a man’s shoes. I also seem to recall this being taught in my Catholic religious education over twelve years. And it’s a pretty good principle to live by, it shows empathy which a lot of people who post comments on the Washington Times article I linked seem not to have.

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