Thomas Peters has a broken neck

Yes, NOM bigot Thomas Peters was in a car wreck. Broke his freaking neck. If that’s not cosmic justice I don’t know what is.

I’m posting this here because my comment to that effect got hosed on Joe My God.

But I note that things aren’t going well for the bigots lately. First you have Brian Brown yammering about their wins of yesteryear. You have MORE states and countries with marriage equality and the message of the bigots is falling flat.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Peters has a broken neck

  1. Are you surprised by Joe Jervis’ deleting your comment? You really shouldn’t. He’s what I call a haterosexual; A guy just going along and getting along with the haters.

    Two years ago, I challenged him to show up at the NOM/Diaz rally in the Bronx instead of using the AIDS Walk as a cover, and he surprised me by showing up. I shook his hand to show my respect. Even exchanged a few pleasantries with him about the red capes A few days later, the son of a bitch blocked me from following him on Twitter.

  2. The Lord has spoken. (Sorry, I’m frustrated I can’t get my comment on JMG either. This is the kind of thing they always throw at us, so it’s more than deserved.)

  3. it is hard to refrain from their rhetoric; bad things are God’s punishment for your sins. Nevertheless I don’t believe it about us or about him. It’s only fair and consistent.

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