MetroPCS 4G Network in Providence, RI is having issues

Now this is interesting. There are two MetroPCS phones in the house. Mine, the Samsung SCH-R910 is a few years old, a 4G phone. The other is an LG phone that only runs on their 1X CDMA network.

The LG works fine. My Samsung though – I can surf the web, check email, get on Facebook, and even SMS works. But voice service exhibits odd behavior. I can watch the signal type go from 4G to nothing but four bars for signal the minute I press the send button.

I’ve tried calling MetroPCS support from a wired phone. The call was dropped. So I do what I always do when service doesn’t meet my expectations, I rip them here on the blog. That usually gets a response believe it or not, particularly if you use the right tags.

It appears they did an upgrade to their 4G network that breaks voice functionality. Phone is kind of useless, I say kind of because I use it more for net, etc. But I pay for voice.

So MetroPCS – fix it!

8 thoughts on “MetroPCS 4G Network in Providence, RI is having issues

  1. Hello- I feel your frustration… You Samsung device may need a software upgrade. If you have time, please come by my store so we can take a look at.

    Elite Wireless – A MetroPCS Authorized Dealer.
    1852 Smith St
    North Providence RI, 02911

  2. Have you tried manually reprogramming the MDN & MIN? Also, under “Mobile Networks”> “System Selection” be sure that MetroPCS is checked off. Let me know what the outcome is/

    1. Yeah tried that. This is a combination of issues including the software load on the cell sites themselves. It doesn’t play nicely with the 2.2.2 firmware.

      Do you have any contacts into their RF engineering group? I think if I talk to them they’ll figure out the problem.

    2. Already done that with the ##626* sequence to no effect.

      I’m really very frustrated with this. It shows complete incompetence of the people at MetroPCS.

    3. Yeah I’ve tried the MDN and MIN trick. No luck there. Regardless of what I do 4G service will not work. I know the problem is in the software load on the tower sites. They need to fix it, or give me a replacement phone for the bubble since THEY broke functionality of this one.

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