Month: July 2013

I can hear JFK rolling in his grave

Recall his speech on the moon mission:


And now read this from the Wall Street Journal on how students are initially gung ho for math and science and then shut down because it’s hard. Really? Math is hard? What I’ve noted through the progression is that it’s just more operational symbols that get introduced, first functions, trigonometry, calculus, linear system and the list goes on.

Are we really a nation of mediocrity now? We’d do well to listen to the words of President Kennedy. We choose to go the the Moon…not because it is easy, but because it is hard!”

Sunday Stealing – except it’s now Tuesday

So here we go:

  1. What age is your youngest aunt?
    — Well – the youngest would be 12 years older than me so she”s now 60 years old.
  2. Do you miss someone right now?
    — Nope.
  3. What can you see North West to you?
    — A brick wall. Yeah, the buildings are a little dense around here.
  4. Do you like bowling?
    — Yes I do, candlepin or duckpin.
  5. Can you pronounce Italian words?
    — Io sono Napolitano!
  6. Do you prefer black or beige colored jackets?
    — Black
  7. Do you own a hoodie?
    — No
  8. Do you like roasting marshmallows on a bonfire?
    — Sure do!
  9. Do you like cheesy puffs?
    — Eh, not so much.
  10. What’s your name without vowels?
    — TN PLLCC
  11. How many layers of clothing are you wearing?
    — Just came off a heat wave of 90+F for a few days so just a one layer. Barefoot, a pair of shorts and a t-shit.
  12. When was the last time you got a take away? What did you have?
    — A couple months ago – and it was pizza. 
  13. If you could climb any mountain or range which would you choose?
    — I live on a hill. That’s enough for me.
  14. Do you alphabetically arrange anything in your room? What?
    —  Well, music is sorted alphabetically in iTunes. Books  are sorted by category then alphabetical.
  15. Have you ever visited fat-pie [dot] [com]?
    — Never have.
  16. Do you prefer sweet or sour fruits?
    — I like both. 
  17. Do you like Flo Rida? Which song of his?
    — Yes I do – Bartender is a cute song.
  18. How are your dancing skills?
    — Mmm – not very good.
  19. What is your favorite number?
    — 42
  20. Describe your best friend to me?
    –Been friends for years with a few people that I only see once or twice a year. I’ve got a social network that reads as a politician.
  21. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
    — I like wine be they sweet or dry. But I really love ale. Give me a nice brown ale and I’m there.
  22. Do you do any sports or have you done any sport professionally?
    — Tried little league once. In the dark and cold of early April. Screw that. I like my creature comforts a little too much. As to professional sports – it’s a little like watching paint dry. But I can watch say a football game for 20 minutes and tell you what team is going to win. I can recall back in 1986 – I was traveling with a group closing out stores in northern New England. It was the New England Patriots vs. The Browns. I correctly predicted the spread and victor and made $450 from the bets on that trip.
  23. What is your ringtone?
    — Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan, the scene were Kirk bellows “Khan!”
  24. Do you like chili flavored chips/crisps?
    — Not really.
  25. Do you curl or straighten your hair?
    — I sort of have to plaster it down. Because when wet it forms into loose curls
  26. What’s the nicest smell of shampoo?
    — Never really cared about what it smells like.
  27. What smell turns you on? How about turns you off?
    — Slightly Ripe body odor can be surprisingly arousing. However the smell of decaying flesh – ick! I’m talking rodentia here but I suppose the same would apply for genus homo.  
  28. Who’s your favorite comedian?
    — I dig Lewis Black. He’s got that sarcastic, sardonic wit – a bit like Georg Carlin in fact.

At last, the 4th is almost over

Know how I can tell? Because the constant barrage of fireworks has died down. From about 7PM until 11PM it sounded like a war zone around here. But alas, some poor schleps have to work tomorrow so they’re likely off to bed. Ha ha ha ha.

Interesting enough though – I did some grilling today. I love the fact that my grill has a side burner too. Made well seasoned burgers, also some sausage. And then thinly sliced zucchini with panko crusting. All you do is season the slices, dredge them in flour, then egg, and then panko.  I do love that the neighborhood Price Rite now stocks Panko as a regular item.

When it’s hovering near 90F you do not want to cook in the house. At least while it was still 90F at 7PM there was enough of a breeze to keep me from sweating my ass off. It’s funny too – the side burner on the grill is more powerful than my range in the house. 10K BTU with a nice flame spread pattern on it. And I’ve been operating off the same gas tank I got with the unit when I bought it two years ago. Probably have 3 or 4 more grilling sessions left before I have to plunk $20 down for a fresh tank.  20lbs of Propane packs a pretty good punch.

Does the Catholic church have any credibility left?

I mean their central doctrine can now pretty much be debunked. My favorite is to claim that there was a land beyond the Garden that wasn’t God’s Provence, and just whom did Cain marry in Nod?

Anyhow in the data dump from the Milwaukee priest sex abuse cases that came from the Catholic Archdiocese there’s a little memo in there on how Cardinal Dolan, while he was Archbishop of Milwaukee moved $56 million dollars to a cemetery trust fund to shield it from those who had been abused by priests.

So now that Dolan is the head honcho in New York how does he respond to these revelations?

First the fucker says

He reiterated in a statement Monday that these were “old and discredited attacks.”

Then he goes on to say:

Cardinal Dolan said on his blog in New York that it was “malarkey” and “groundless gossip.’

Really? Really? Groundless when the documentation for what you did is now available for all to see? Malarkey? Really? I think the real bovine effluent is flowing from Dolan’s mouth to be honest. All lies.

And think about it: If the Catholic church and it’s leaders are wrong on this, what else are they wrong about? I’ve often stated that the entirety of Catholicism and Christianity in general as based on so much ‘woo’, or in other more vulgar vernacular, it was pulled right from someones backside.

And I have to ask, the F. as Dolan’s middle initial, does it stand for fuckwad? Fucktard? Fuckface?