And RI now has marriage equality

I suppose we should set a date. Once I’ve got a little more cash coming in I can do that.

But two things that made me laugh were:

1) One Ronald L’Heureux of North Providence, RI tried to block the enactment of the law in court yesterday. The just rightfully threw his sorry ass out of the court. I did read that the bigot represented himself. That’s rich!

2) Westboro Baptist church got a nice warm bronx cheer in RI today. They camped out at Providence City Hall, Cranston City Hall and the State House. You know I’d love to know where they get the money to flit all over the U.S. They’re coming from Westboro, Kansas which is 1,437 miles from Providence. In a couple of vans which probably get 15mpg so that means $766.40 in gas, probably $100 in tolls for both ways. And it looks like they have about 15 people – so let’s say they have to buy food along the way because it’s a 22 hour drive. So add 15 folks times 4 meals each at an average of $15 and you add $900. So we’re at $1,666.40 and add ancillary needs and you’re up around $2,000.

Bigotry is expensive.

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