The Battle with MetroPCS

I’m sorry to write again but this is REALLY frustrating. I’m paying for service but only getting about 8% of the service on this phone.

So we’ve now moved from the sublime, past ridiculous and into the absurd. One week out and my phone still has no voice service or net service. In addition music and videos stills stored on the phone will load and play but no audio at all. Now if I plug a set of headphones into it I can hear the music and videos. But this defeats the purpose of having the phone.

I’ve been round and round and round again with their customer support people. They’re mostly useless with the exception that they can document your complaints on the record so it’s accessible by store personnel.

The last was yesterday at 3PM. I went into the local store because I received the following sms message “MetroPCS has attempted to send an important software update to your phone. Please go to a MetroPCS store or accept Update prior to 8/11/13 to retain data speeds”

The store did nothing. They just entered my info into a web page – seems this outage only impacts the Samsung SCH-R910 Indulge – my phone. And I know I’m not the only one having the problem.

I called customer service again today on my VoIP phone. I explained that I expect a full replacement phone, most likely a Samsung Exhibit. They told me to go the store and ask to speak to a manager. So I’ll be there early tomorrow morning when they open. I want this fixed.

Because it’s now been over a week with no voice or net service on the phone. This is totally unacceptable.

I’m not leaving the store tomorrow until this issue is addressed.

12 thoughts on “The Battle with MetroPCS

  1. This bring [bad] memories of the problem I had with Earthlink. Short story, [we] had a power outrage which affected their DSL router. Someone their interpreted it as a cancellation, and I spent five days arguing with India about it. Then I set up an account with a new provider and Earthlink tried to switch me back. How I found that out was when the new guys didn’t show up. I should have filed charges but everyone begged me not too.

    1. At this point I’ve filed official complaints with both the FCC and the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.

      I worked with one of the commissioners years ago at the Attorney General’s office. I should reach out to him in addition.

      1. Did it, mentioned it at the store today and they swapped my phone out for a new one of the SAME MODEL. I’m probably going to get the Samsung Exhibit next because it has a couple features this phone doesn’t have like a flash for the camera, 4G to WiFi Hotspot capability, etc.

      1. Come to my store. I’ll give you a loaner phone for the weekend if that helps … Im going to help you with your issue… Feel free to call me with questions. 4013327777. If i dont pick up, leave a msg. I may be assiting customers. Thx.

    1. Yeah, so am I. I think it may have had something to do with my old phone having an older version of the hardware. This on is R910.0.4, my old one was R910.0.2. Still runs for the Kernel version though. I should root it and Cyanogenmod it.

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