Cell phone is now fixed

This morning I did what the customer service droid said to do yesterday. I stopped by the MetroPCS store in downtown Providence.

I went in and asked for the person in charge. Briefly explained the situation, told him that I had registered complaints with both the Federal Communications Commission and the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission. When he hemmed a bit I also told him it was unacceptable that they couldn’t give me an answer as to when my phone would work.

Now I don’t know what factor prompted it but the guy in charge swapped out my phone for a new SCH-R910 they had. It was just the body of the phone. Now interestingly I checked and the firmware version on this one is also v2.2.2 – however I note the hardware version ticked up by one subversion. So perhaps that was the problem with my other phone.

I’m still going to get the Samsung Exhibit though – it has the same processor speed but runs Android 4.1 Jellybean and it is a 4G wifi hotspot too.

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