Another Book I need to buy and why we should be cooking more, not less.

Michael Pollan’s “Cooked”. In the video below he talks about the book and his experiences writing the book.


Some of my favorite cooking shows:

America’s Test Kitchen

Good Eats

The reason I like the above is because the delve into the dish. They talk about the science, the process, the tools and in the case of the latter, the history of food and you get the added benefit of learning the recipe.

Other YouTube channels about food that like:

Nicko’s Kitchen

Show Me the Curry

And the hands down site for recipes:


What I like about Epicurious is that you can refine the search for things you might have on hand. They also do thematic recipes for holidays, celebrations, etc.

It’s funny – I tend to cook more and eat out less. I like some of the recipes I’ve made, even have a bunch on my phone and in a binder and on a directory/folder on my computer.

There are a few  cooking utensils I use most often, a wooden spoon, a pair of plastic tipped metal tongs, cleaver, knife, scissors and grater. I tend to use the cleaver a lot. I mean, smashing garlic with the thing is fantastic, and it’s sharp as hell so it cuts through things very well. The scissors are mostly used to trim meat, be it poultry, pork, or beef.

As for pans – I’ve got the 12″ pan, a 10″ pan, a 16qt. pot, a 6qt pot, a 3qt pot, a 2qt pot, baking sheet, rack, roasting rack, roasting pan, cornbread pan, popover pan and a whole bunch of other stuff I’m probably forgetting about. Oh yeah, colanders, one cheapie Aluminum, one really nice one with flip out wings so you can just prop it on top of the sink.

I apply the same principles to cooking that I do to my pursuits with computers, electronics etc. I have a fair bit of knowledge about cooking, I have a decent amount of tools dedicated to the art. I’m selective about ingredients and I have the gumption to do it.


3 thoughts on “Another Book I need to buy and why we should be cooking more, not less.

  1. and it’s cheaper to cook at home than to eat out. I can make chicken tikka masala at home for less than what it would cost me at the local indian restaurant. I think it cost me $7 to make 2 meals with no leftovers last night at home versus $26 at the restaurant.

    1. Of course. A favorite around here is Sausage and Potatoes. It’s the prior plus some garlic and spices.

      I can get a 5lb bag of potatoes for a couple of bucks, and a pack of sausage for $5. So for $7 I can make about 7 or 8 pound of the stuff. They charge $8 or $9 a pound at Tony’s Colonial for the same thing. So 7 pounds would be $63!

      And I even adapt certain recipes making tweaks to the protein source, but retaining the fresh peppers and beans. Did one with turkey kielbasa tonight, with chopped red onion and garlic. Delicious! But I kept the chili troika, cumin, paprika and chili powder in the dish.

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