Even USPS Drops the Ball Sometimes

I had ordered an external handset for my phone. Trying to type on the computer and lean on the phone is an exercise in contortion. And I don’t like using a speakerphone in a noisy environment.

It was ordered and shipped on the 26th of July. Ten days ago.

I checked the status and saw this:

       Undeliverable as Addressed

Looking up postal rules if there’s anything munged on the address, particularly the Zip code it goes back to sender.

Now normally when I get packages they go through the 02904 Sectional Sort Facility and to my post office at 02909. This time it routed to 02903 which is downtown Providence and the annex office there. Weird.

I checked with the vendor – they shipped to the correct address.

So this was a USPS fuck up. I know exactly why it happened.

If you look at your telephone note the order of numbers:

1  2  3

4  5  6

7  8  9

 *  0 #

And a calculator or computer is:

7  8  9

4  5  6

1  2 3



You see where I’m going, someone fat fingered the zip code and sent my package on an odyssey through the U.S. Postal system. Last update was on the 3rd so I’ll check later today and see what happened to the package.

2 thoughts on “Even USPS Drops the Ball Sometimes

    1. At one point in my career I used to do bulk mailings, from generating the lists, printing labels, applying, sorting and bundling. Learned a lot about how USPS routes mail.

      And 02904 is what they call a Sectional Sort Facility. or SCF. Handles mail for all of RI, eastern CT and southeast MA.

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