This was a first – denigration of amateurs with Extra class licenses

So over on Facebook I’m in the Amateur Radio groups. In one this guy makes the statement that the Extra class operators with code are some of the biggest rogue operators.

Code being morse code, as in proficiency at 20WPM. Since I got my extra 20 years ago when the code was required I have rights to gripe here.

At the very least I can operate in the CW only portions of the band. CW = Continuous Wave aka code aka Morse Code.

Most of what comes with having an Extra class license is the ability to become a Volunteer Examiner. I’m accredited with both the ARRL and with the W5YI VEC’s (Volunteer Exam Coordinators). I’ve done four sessions in twenty years and I’m thinking I really should do a few more.

But the anti-code snobbery is really interesting. Because I went the extra length I’m now cast in the group of poor operating procedure? Really? Wow.

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