Zucchini Fried pass number two

I had found this recipe for Zucchine Fries. They’re basically sticks of Zucchini, dredged through egg then panko or breadcrumb and placed on a baking sheet that’s been sprayed with non-stick spray.

But the panko didn’t stick. This time I cut up the sticks of Zucchini, dusted them with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika. Then into flour, shake them off and into egg, coat all sides. Then into panko/breadcrumb mixture.

Stuff sticks REALLY well with the flour coat first. They’re in the 400F oven now. I’ll check them in about 20 minutes.

I find myself doing this with recipes, improving on them to suit our tastes. Or how I used sausage, pepper, and kidney beans and used a seasoning mix I usually use when I make chili. It was awesome.

Then there’s the Blueberry pie I made. It was tasty but a bit too tart. So then I made a Strawberry pie – very nice. I upped the sugar from 2/3 to a full cup and added an additional tablespoon of brown sugar to the crumb mix. Makes a HUGE different. I have a couple pints of blueberries in the fridge. Maybe I’ll make that next – this time omitting the lemon zest and juice.

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