You can’t tell me destruction is the only answer (Ear problems)

So I’ve written of this before. As a kid I had some pretty bad ear infections and back then they really didn’t believe in putting in drainage tubes. Oh they went so far as to remove tonsils and adenoids but the ears – it was pretty much the medical dark ages when I was a kid.

But as a result the scarring is causing major issues. Mostly manifested by serious reduction in hearing acuity and volume, but by balance issues, etc.

Been a long time since I’d had one but I know the triggers now. And made an unfortunate decision the other day. I skipped taking my allergy meds. And we’re heading straight into ragweed season. So all sorts of swelling of things that shouldn’t and fun abound!

The solutions for this are chemical or surgical destruction of the inner ear or severing of the nerve. This to me is UNACCEPTABLE. You cannot tell me that with the advanced robots and biotech we have today you can’t excise scar tissue and rebuild the structures?

When I have health insurance again I’ll go see the ENT and elaborate on the point I made above. Instead of simply alleviating a symptom, why not look a little further and make it whole again? To quote that famous line from the Six Million Dollar Man (Who in modern dollars would probably cost $15 Billion Dollars): “We have the technology!”

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