The Seven Plagues at Casa Truthspew

Earlier I may have written about mice? That was dealt with. No sign of the little critters since. But we’ve had others – moths for one. Followed by spiders, ants, and cockroaches. Oh yes and Drosophila Melanogaster (Fruit Flys)  and the common house fly.

There isn’t much you can do about moths other than protect the clothing which we did.

The spiders I tend to leave alone. They help control the moth population.

But the ants and roaches – they have to go. It all started when some genius decided to put the trash barrels outside right up against the house.

So to combat the ants and roaches I got these Victor Pheromone traps. The roaches love em’ and so do the little ants. Bought a bulk pack – I don’t want to bomb the place as that’s a real pain in the ass. You basically have to cover all food and preparation areas. And I wouldn’t want the shit on the furniture either. 

As to the flys, I’ve gotten adept at killing the little bastards. I trap em’ in the bathroom and turn off the light. You see flies don’t like to fly in the dark. So they’ll land. You just have to have the eye and a piece of tissue and slam! Die mother fucker!

The fruit flies – just get rid of the offending fruit. And if you’ve drunk a bottle of red wine leave about 75ml in the bottom. The fruit flies love the stuff. They drink, get drunk, and drown in it. Just leave the open bottle in a conspicuous place, conspicuous to the fruit flies that is.

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