The Thompson Twins

Of on Maybe It’s Just Me there was a post about five groups that should get back together. That sent me on a Thompson Twins odyssey.

The name of the group comes from a series of Comic albums called “The Adventures of Tintin”.

And the name of the group came from the comics two bumbling detectives Thompson & Thompson.

The first that came to mind of their tunes – “Long Goodbye” off their album “Close to the Bone” in 1987. I was five years out of high school when this song came out, all of 22 years old.

Another favorite of mine of theirs, “The Gap” from the album “Into the Gap” in the year 1984 – 2 years out of high school for me, and 20 years old.

Here’s “Come Inside” from the album “Queer” and it harks from the year 1991, I was 26 years old – and 9 years out of high school.

Then there’s “King for a Day” from 1985, I was 21 years old and oh man. Live was a never ending party back then.

Another one of their “Into the Gap” album in 1984 is one everyone should know, “Doctor, Doctor’

And last but not least, “Hold Me Now” from the album “Into the Gap”. This was in my opinion their best album.

So there you have it, my Thompson Twins tribute.

One thought on “The Thompson Twins

  1. Actually it’s Thomson and Thompson: they may look like twins except for their mustaches, but they are unrelated.

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