For packages, you can’t beat the United States Postal Service

So every month or so we send a care package down to the Mother In Law. Usually it’s coffee beans and a personal care product.

Two Christmases ago we got her a nice new stainless steel coffee pot and a coffee grinder. We have now created a monster.

Now we had been scaring up boxes, going to the post office, paying $16 to ship, etc. But I realized, you can order shipping supplies like boxes from USPS and they deliver them to you.

Great – now I head over to the USPS web site, click on Ship a Package and from there it’s simply pack the box, tape it up and affix the label your print on your own printer. Then you just bring it to the post office and drop it off. Pretty simple.

But even better – you can schedule a pickup. So this time out I did so. The post man just picked it up about fifteen minutes ago. And there’s no fee for the pickup.

So the boxes are free, the pickup is free, but the best part? Because I used a Medium shipping box and 3 day service what normally goes for $16+ was $11.30 and that also includes free tracking.

A lot of people don’t know about the extent of USPS services. I watched a neighbor one time loading a bunch of Priority Mail packages in his car. I mentioned that USPS does pickup. Needless to say now they pick his up all the time too.

USPS needs to do a better job promoting the service because it’s a very convenient and valuable service that they provide, particularly for parcel post.

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